The Church in Charlotte, NC Book Service

I. Meeting Facilities The church in Charlotte was re-established in 1998 through a migration that brought saints to Charlotte from all over the United States. Before the church had its own meeting hall, the saints initially met in a home, later a second home, then in a school, and at the University of North Carolina […]

The Book Service History of the Church in Virginia Beach, VA

The church in Virginia Beach currently does not have a meeting hall but meets in a home on the Lord’s day. Approximately 35-40 saints gather for the Lord’s table and prophesying each week. Due to its proximity, the church in Newport News meets corporately with the church in Virginia Beach on the first Lord’s day […]

The Church in Spokane Book Service

There were no service groups in the church in Spokane’s early years after it began in 1970. Due to the limited availability of books we had a single table set up for display. Around 1974 we began having service groups and the Bookroom service group was very popular. We kept around 4 copies of each […]

The Church in Boston Book Service

Beginning The church in Boston was re-established and took the ground on November 9th, 2008. Along with many other services that were resumed at the beginning of the church life, the book sale service was semi-active and was mainly responsible for selling the Bible, Hymnal, the Holy Word for Morning Revival, gospel calendars and the […]

Giving and Loaning Books of This Present Ministry

I. Regarding the distribution of the present ministry In recent months there has been much consideration of the need to increase the distribution of the present ministry. One source of encouragement came from a particular speaking by Witness Lee. “…I hope that we could live to be eighty or ninety, even to over a hundred, so […]