I. The church in Fullerton’s meeting facility:

    1. Hall 1 is a two story building with a one story wing. We have our joint language meeting in this hall upstairs and serve lunch from the wing. There is a good sized room open to the area where the saints pick up their food where we are setting up a new bookroom with books in English, Korean and Chinese.
    2. Hall 2 is a two story building the main entry and English language district meets upstairs. In the main entry way we have a modest size walk in bookroom with book sales and a lending library.

II. The book service began with the intention to serve Korean, Chinese, English speaking districts as well as other seeking Christian living in the area with the ministry publications. It began serving ministry publications at Hall 2 in August of 2017. The service at Hall 1 will begin later this summer.

    1. It serves and promotes ministry publications to:
      1. Young people in coordination and fellowship with the YP serving ones.
      2. College students in coordination with college serving ones.
      3. Various small groups and home meetings.
      4. The church with recommended readings from Morning Revivals and recent conferences and Trainings.
    2. How we serve:
      1. The book service meets on Saturdays from 1:30-3:00 about 3 times a month on average.
      2. Each time we meet we pray and read a chapter in a ministry book and fellowship about what we read. Then we do practical services related to new books, book orders, and the display of the books.
      3. We fellowship with other service groups to provide them with various publication materials that they need.

III. What kind of books display do we have?

    1. For Hall 2, we were able to purchase the largest display package Living Stream offered. Our library includes the CWWN and CWWL. Our books are all on book shelves. Besides the bookshelves at Hall 2 we have a small display facing the entry way to display various tracks and booklets.
    2. For Hall 1, we purchased customized Standard-C package for English and Korean publications.
    3. We are currently purchasing acrylic book and booklet displays for both halls. We expect this will attract more purchases.

IV. How do saints pay for books?

    1. Books are paid for by cash, checks, and VENMO.
    2. HWMRs are paid for upon receipt.
    3. Ministry Books are paid for when sold off the shelf and prepaid when ordered if they are not on the shelf. We generally have a two to three day turnaround on books ordered.
    4. Ministry Digests will probably be prepaid.

V. Lessons Learned

    1. Best practices for a healthy book service.
      1. Formation:
        1. Building up this service was and still is a warfare.
        2. As we began reading the ministry and fellowshipping over it in our service meeting the enjoyment and spontaneous overflow in meetings attracted others to join the service.
      2. Growth:
        1. The enjoyment of the ministry continues to supply and motivate the saints.
        2. It has been a great help that the eldership strongly supports and promotes Bible and ministry reading. The church is reading through books at the start of the prayer meeting and in a Saturday morning brother’s meeting.
        3. We have had special occasions where booklet were given away to the young people and discounted book sales to college students.
        4. The college students have received presentations from book service brothers and the books we discount have been FTTA suggested readings for college age and a book that supports the direction the campus full-time team is taking.
        5. Periodically, in the fellowships with small groups, the elders also encourage and remind each small group to get into the ministry.
      3. Continuation:
        1. The development of the Book Room at Hall 1 should help to increase the interest in ministry publications in all three language groups in Fullerton (C, E, K).
        2. We are still endeavoring to help younger saints to see the importance of getting into the ministry and to bear the same burden and join the service.
        3. We need to develop a practice of shepherding the saints and new ones into reading and distributing the ministry in the whole church.
        4. We need to develop an atmosphere of promoting the ministry of the age.
        5. Ministry Digest should help in these endeavors.