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An Opening Word Dear Brothers and Sisters: One of the hopes this weekend is to see the churches recover the function of the booksales service in their localities. We hope that there will be saints, brothers and also sisters, together with leading ones in each local church who are burdened for such a service—a service […]

Book Service Testimony

In our locality we have a group of faithful brothers and sisters who have served the bookroom for many years, making sure our ministry publications are in stock. Last year when we heard about the burden of the need to recover a healthy and vital bookroom service in the churches, we sent three brothers, one […]

The Church in Spokane Book Service

There were no service groups in the church in Spokane’s early years after it began in 1970. Due to the limited availability of books we had a single table set up for display. Around 1974 we began having service groups and the Bookroom service group was very popular. We kept around 4 copies of each […]